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ただいま~ Back from Japan!

Hello again my cherries! Arrived back home safe and sound yesterday.

PHEW! Had a blast while I was over there in the great land of the rising sun. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLY HOT AND HUMID.

I might write a report of my adventures but currently preparing myself for classes, work and internship which all start again this week gyaaaaaaa.

I also have to get ready for SMASH! con in less than 2 weeks!! Prints and cosplay…

So much to do so i’ll catch you guys later! I’ll start answering comments and messages soon.

Ja ne!

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Yesterday I enlisted the help of ahogekun, nipnongblocks, and our friend Kitty, to make Haikyuu badges!

These will be sold at SMASH 2014 con! Stop by my table, Lightning Strikes to grab them XD

For some reason we kept stuffing up the Oikawa badges… the badge maker can sense trash…

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Hello my cherries~

I’ll be going to Japan for the next couple of week!
It’s been a fond dream of mine to visit Japan one day so I’m extremely excited.

Follow my adventures on twitter or instagram!
Prepared to get hopelessly lost with my friend.

When I come back we’ll be jumping straight into SMASH!con

I leave in 2 days and I haven’t packed yet HAAAAAA

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I’ll do a refiner version with COLOURR when I get more time //whispers. Help, Haikyuu!! has taken over my life

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Working on squishy trapped haikyuu badges for SMASHcon~ Still early but I’ll be overseas in a few weeks and wont have time then. Kageyama looks nearly hysterical there bahaha. Follow my process on either instagram, twitter or facebook!

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hahaha hi i think i got one piece art off of you today!!!! i thought your username sounded familiar omg

Asked by luffychick

hi! thank you so much!
AND a huge thank you for everyone who stopped by my table over the weekend!

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I’ll be at Sydney Supanova this weekend sharing a table with mcha at table A149!

Will also be selling leftover Free! and Kurobasu badges so grab them while there’s still some left!

First 5 peeps each day to say the secret code will receive free postcard.

Code: Zura ja nai, Katsura da!

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